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    Spice and Shuffle 05

    Party the night away! Spice and Shuffle 05 Spotify Playlist. Curated by Skirmantas Petraitis, editor of Mr. Salt and Pepper. Features songs by BOSCO, Speakerfoxxx, Calvin Harris, Katy Perry, Dua Lipa, Jaded, KLP, Brenmar, UNIIQU3, Jess Kent, David Guetta, Justin Bieber, ZEDD, Liam Payne, Lao Ra, Luis Fonsi, Gjan, Hippie Sabotage, Cedric Gervais, Julia Michaels, Starley, Aluna George, Martin Solveig and Promnite.

    Party the night away!

    *Wowzers!* It’s been almost 3 months since my last Spice and Shuffle” playlist!!! How could I let this happen?! I was hoping to have a new playlist ready on my blog in May, but I got so busy travelling, working and just doing my own thing that I didn’t get a chance to put together an epic playlist. *soz*

    According to, I listen to about 100 days of music every year – that’s almost 1/3 of my life! *jaw drops* From commercial pop to alternative rap, my taste in music is very diverse. I try to compile a list of songs that best reflect the time of the year for me. So… Summer is all about those summer hits – songs that keep you up all night and, boy, this might be THE soundtrack of summer 2017!

    The alternative rap duo from Atlanta – BOSCO and Speakerfoxxx – are my artists of the month. We have 2 of their songs on this playlist – “Acting Up” and “Shooter” – definitely give them a listen! *on repeat, all summer*

    So, without further distractions, here’s my 5th edition of “Spice and Shuffle” playlist series – I hope you like it:

    Don’t forget to follow Mr. Salt and Pepper’s Spotify profile to stay up-to-date with the latest music. I’m always up for hearing new music, so please feel free to email me your suggestions!

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