About Me

Hi there! *waves* My name is Skirmantas (a.k.a. Skirmy). What’s yours?

About Mr. Salt and Pepper

Mr. Salt and Pepper is a London-based lifestyle blog covering life, style, travel, music, and events from the desk of editor Skirmantas Petraitis. With a unique style and voice, Mr. Salt and Pepper is more than just a blog, it’s a place of daily discovery and inspiration. Every day is an opportunity to experience life, so let Mr. Salt and Pepper be your little guidebook.

About Skirmantas Petraitis

Skirmantas is a freelance Content Producer and Lifestyle Blogger with a focus on events, fashion, and grooming. His passion for blogging was born back in Lithuania, where he worked on several fan pages and video blogs. After finishing high school in 2009, Skirmantas moved to the United Kingdom to pursue his career in media. He spends his days finding out new discoveries for readers of his new lifestyle blog – Mr. Salt and Pepper.

Email any questions (or funny jokes) to skirmy@mrsaltandpepper.com