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    Debenhams Mother's Day Gift Guide. Blog by Skirmantas Petraitis.Debenhams Mother's Day Gift Guide. Blog by Skirmantas Petraitis.Debenhams Mother's Day Gift Guide. Blog by Skirmantas Petraitis.Debenhams Mother's Day Gift Guide. Blog by Skirmantas Petraitis.Debenhams Mother's Day Gift Guide. Blog by Skirmantas Petraitis.

    My Best Friend!

    As you can probably tell from the title of this blog post, the most important human of my existence is my dear Mother! *shocker, not really* I’ve been best friends with my Mum since day one. From building sand castles on the beach to kicking out her party guests on Saturday nights, our strong connection was always something that helped us to overcome all obstacles in life. *yasss, mama*

    So, with that said… I would like to thank my Mum for putting up with me for so many years and for loving me unconditionally. You are the only one who fully understands me and knows me better than I know myself. Happy Mother’s Day! *scrolls down to see the last-minute gift guide*

    Debenhams Mother's Day Gift Guide. Tiffany & Co - Eau de parfum. Blog by Skirmantas Petraitis.Debenhams Mother's Day Gift Guide. Kiehl's - 'Midnight Recovery' concentrate 30ml. Blog by Skirmantas Petraitis.Debenhams Mother's Day Gift Guide. Baylis & Harding - Sweet Mandarin Single Boxed Candle. Blog by Skirmantas Petraitis.

    This year, I’ve decided to spoil my favourite human with some very thoughtful gifts, which I found at Debenhams. From elegant fragrances to scented candles, there are so many cool things to choose from. Therefore, I selected my top picks for you to get some inspiration from. *buys all five items because they are too good to miss*

    So, without further distraction, here’s the list of 5 things you SHOULD get your mum this Marvellous Mother’s Day:

    1. A dressing gown – an irresistibly soft dressing gown would make any Mum extremely happy. I got her one in a super smooth island fleece material, which feels cosy and looks elegant too. *fancy pants* From £45.
    2. A scented candle – it might be the end of long wintery nights but scented candles are always a good choice – at any time of the year. Luckily, my mum is obsessed with candles and always has one burning at home. So, I ordered a Sweet Mandarin & Grapefruit candle from Baylis & Harding. It comes in a stylish gift box, which perfectly matches her insatiable taste and lively personality. £8.
    3. A night cream – ever since I moved to London, good skincare regiment has become a vital part of my everyday life. So, when I go back home, I always bring some of my favourite skincare product for my Mum to try. Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Oil is the one because it works really well. The product replenishes the skin overnight with moisture and recovers radiance, making it smoother, softer and younger looking the following day. £33.
    4. Eau de perfum – the luxury, glamour, and sophistication of New York… in a Tiffany & Co. perfume bottle?! Yes, that’s right! We may not have breakfast at Tiffany’s but at least she’ll smell like The It Girl with this signature scent from the top jewellery brand. From £52.
    5. A handbag – last but not least, this shopper bag from Dorthy Perkins will make a perfect addition to my mum’s extensive handbag collection. I think it’s time to ditch that over-the-shoulder purse and go for something more practical. Mum, do you agree?! *hint hint* From £10.

    What do you think of this last-minute Mother’s Day gift guide? Would you get any of these items for your Mum? Let me know in the comments section below!

    Debenhams Mother's Day Gift Guide. Blog by Skirmantas Petraitis.


    Thanks to Debenhams for sponsoring this post. However, all views expressed here are my own and does not reflect those of the sponsor.

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