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StyleFADE Interview

Ste from StyleFADE interviews Mr. Salt and Pepper about blogging. Blog by Skirmantas Petraitis.Several months ago, Ste from StyleFADE reached out to me to find out more about the Mr. Salt and Pepper blog and my views as a male blogger. We talked about aliens, puberty and fake influencers. *creating controversial headlines as we speak*

Below, I selected my favourite 4 questions and answers from this interview. You can read the full “Male Blogger Spotlight” interview here!

Why did you start blogging?

After years of working for a digital media agency and several publications across the UK, one day I thought to myself “right, I need to create something for me, a platform that would unleash my creative spirit and add value to it”. First and foremost, I wanted to have a personal journal where I share my thoughts and experiences. I knew that I couldn’t keep this under wraps for too long.

My friends were always asking me, “Where did you get this jumper you were wearing the other day” or “where’s good to go this weekend?”. So I started to take pictures of myself/places I go to and post everything on my blog. I spend my early mornings, evenings and weekends scouting for places and putting together looks for Mr. Salt and Pepper. For me, it goes way beyond just a hobby, it’s my life!

How do you think male blogging has changed in its infancy?

I think male blogging just hit puberty! As someone who just recently made his blogging comeback, I didn’t get a chance to experience this growth through the years. I started blogging and managing websites when I was just 14 years old. From fan pages to forums, I was thrilled to create content and build large communities online. In 2007, I started video blogging, which REALLY established me in my home country – Lithuania. Back then, blogging was a platform for people share their thoughts and experiences. There was no such thing as brand collaborations or sponsored content. Everyone was genuinely interested in creating engaging content and building their audience… and that’s exactly what I’m trying to do here.

Looking at your blog; what makes you most proud, what do you look at and think ‘yeah, I did good there’?

Creating the “Mr. Salt and Pepper” brand and coming up with a direction for it was (and still is) my proudest moment to date. It took me months of planning and researching before I finally launched my blog. Prior to that, I spent a lot of time experimenting with my style, upgrading my photography game and establishing a consistent style across my social media profiles.

Apart from that, I feel the proudest when I open up to my readers. Quite recently, I wrote a post about my video blogging past, which I thought was a very touchy subject. I was quite embarrassed because I didn’t take any opportunities in the past. I’m not someone who has regrets in life but I would most definitely do things differently now. Anyways, once I clicked the “publish” button – I felt a huge relieve and even did my signature success dance. *fist pump* Everything happens for a reason – all you can do now is just do what you love.

Blog posts can be really personal, where do you find your inspirations to blog?

I find inspiration from the people around me. I hang out with a very diverse group of people who experience life in so many different ways. Quite often, I try to get into their shoes and see things from their point of view.

Also, living in London helps a lot. It’s a great place to discover new things and get inspired. From art exhibitions to fashions events, there’s always something cool going on. I use my blog as a guidebook for those who want to make most of living in this great city.

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