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    Confidence Boost

    Sabotaged By My Inner-Saboteur. One of my biggest regrets in life was having fear of trying. I held myself back from pursuing my dreams for so many years because I wasn’t…

  • Life

    Snow Day

    Let it snow! Well, I finally made it home for Christmas and couldn’t be any more excited! *does a quirky Christmas dance number again* As you probably know, I’ll be spending the…

  • Life

    Saturn Return

    … or otherwise known as, the most life-changing years of my entire existence! Last weekend, I turned 27 years old. It was both a nerve-wracking and exciting time for me as…

  • Life

    Movember: Men’s Health Talk

    Love dressing up as Freddie Mercury for Halloween? Then you’re in luck because all of November is dedicated to bearded men! Yes, that’s right. During the wonderful month of Movember, you get the chance to…

  • Life Style Tech

    Smart About Time

    For any young professional, productivity and time management can be a tough thing to tackle. With latest innovations and advancements in tech, our minds are being constantly bombarded with information. So, it…