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    Coming Out

    … or otherwise known as an ode to all coming out stories I’ve experienced to this day. Back in March, I made a conscious decision to come out to you as a lifestyle…

  • Life Style

    The New Chapter

    New Beginnings. I’m not going to lie, I could’ve posted this as a Facebook status but I would rather strengthen my domain authority. *tongue pop* Let’s start from the beginning. Back…

  • Life Style

    StyleFADE Interview

    Several months ago, Ste from StyleFADE reached out to me to find out more about the Mr. Salt and Pepper blog and my views as a male blogger. We talked about…

  • Life Style Tech

    Feel Your Halo

    Chasing clouds… If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw tons of daily story posts of me acting like a smoke machine at nightclubs and creating show-stopping theatrical smoke performances…

  • Life Style

    Millbank Haze

    Confusion boy. Everyone has a coming out story. It is one of those personal achievements when you’re finally starting to live your truth and be more open to the world. After years…