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  • Grooming Style

    Seasonโ€™s Givings

    Holidays at Home. Gifting is hands down my favourite part of the holiday season. Seeing a loved one’s face light up when opening a gift that I put so much thought…

  • Grooming Style

    The Man Tan

    … or otherwise known as, an ode to my complicated relationship with tanning. I’m going to be brutally honest here… I’m not a fan of tanning. There, I said it! *mic…

  • Grooming Style

    Male Inspiration

    Hamper full of goods! We’re in the midst of my favourite month of this season – October. The weather is getting slightly colder, the leaves are turning red/yellow and wintery coats…

  • Grooming

    Man Made London

    The Pace of Modern Living. Getting a haircut is pretty much a life changing experience. A significant amount of weight drops off your shoulders and you start to look fabulous again……

  • Grooming

    Start Your Day Right

    The Cornerstone of a great day! Growing up, I considered shaving an art form and a gateway to adulthood. I was one of those teens that didn’t have any facial hair…