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iPhone hard case from caseable. Kiss by MARK ASHKENAZI. Wearing Zara Cardigan. #RockTheCase

Tech-savvy morning routine.

I lead a very busy lifestyle and technology helps me to get through the day. As a freelance Content Developer, most of my day-to-day tasks happen on my smartphone: I answer emails, tweet, read the news, edit pictures and double tap on my favourite Instagram posts. *cheeky face* I’m so super glued to my iPhone that I even dream about it. Don’t believe me? Then take a look at my morning routine, endorsed by many of my close friends:

  1. Press snooze on my 7am alarm and debate whether I should go to the gym now… or after work… or ever.
  2. Wake up after the third snooze of my 7am alarm. The first thing to be grateful for: chilled wake-up sounds added in the latest iOS update!
  3. Be confused for at least 30 seconds about what is going on in my life.
  4. Spend at least 15 minutes getting lost in the ‘rabbit hole’ that is my Instagram feed.
  5. Toss on whatever clothing piece is on the floor near my bed and walk to the kitchen.
  6. Have my daily freshly-squeezed lemon juice.
  7. Prepare a simple breakfast such as porridge or a toast.
  8. Add everything onto MyFitness Pal. Squander 5 minutes doing that.
  9. Shimmy my way over to the bathroom, hoping that no one else is in there… Then quietly play “The Great British Breakfast” playlist in the shower.
  10. Go back to my bedroom to dress and leave… BUT instead, inevitably end up watching random videos on YouTube: starting with the latest Apple rumours then moving onto the best untucked moments on RuPaul’s Drag Race. Wasting no less than 15 minutes doing that.
  11. Realise that I have to leave in 5 minutes and there’s not enough time left to order Starbucks or take a selfie.
  12. Quickly pick my favourite iPhone case and storm out of the flat.

This is pretty much me every morning. Sounds pretty ridiculous, right? I’m sure you do exactly the same!

iPhone hard case from caseable. Kiss by MARK ASHKENAZI. Wearing Zara Cardigan. #RockTheCaseiPhone hard case from caseable. Kiss by MARK ASHKENAZI. Wearing Zara Cardigan. #RockTheCase

Finding the right iPhone case.

iPhones are great devices that keep us connected and make us more productive. However, these devices are also prone to all kinds of damage, from surface scratches to complete destruction.

From the minute I receive my brand new smart phone, I am very conscious about getting a quality case for it. I spend hours online browsing through thousands of styles and quite often I end up being without one. *sad face* It’s not easy to find an accessory for my phone that fits my personality and is also very durable.

Luckily, I discovered caseable. Their mission is to celebrate individuality. They combine design and protection, functionality and art, to produce custom smartphone hard cases for almost every device possible. As much as I would like to create my own case, I am not so creative as to design one myself (very self-critical here, for now). Instead, I browse through hundreds of artist designs available at caseable. Their design catalogue is very diverse. Therefore, I always find something that perfectly adds up to my quirky personality. This time, I chose “Kiss” by Mark Ashkenazi, because it features a cartoon of two men kissing (obviously), whilst the colour theme matches my current styling mood. I’m all about bright reds, navy blues and crispy clear whites – just like the cardigan I’m wearing right now! 

Make sure you check caseable out and use code ‘MRSALT2017‘ to get 20% off your order. Valid until the end of April.


iPhone hard case from caseable. Kiss by MARK ASHKENAZI. Wearing Zara Cardigan. #RockTheCaseiPhone hard case from caseable. Kiss by MARK ASHKENAZI. Wearing Zara Cardigan. #RockTheCase

SHOP: Smartphone Hard Case from caseable | Red Cardigan from Zara

Thanks to caseable for sponsoring this post.

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  • Liking the distinctive design of the case – goes well with what you are wearing – accessorise!!!

  • Laura Ruby

    Sounds like my morning too, 6:40 alarm ends up beeing 7:20 …. I will have to check out the cases, ever since i got my iphone i am soo panicky that i wil damage it… i mean i use my phone in the most dangerous place of the house-kitchen…. watching my favourite youtubers or just following a recipie, but my phone always end up coveres in greasy fingerprints and only few mm away from sharp knife…

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