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  • Style

    The Party Season

    Snow Day in Broadgate. *brrr* Last weekend, my best friend Renata (@iamrenny) came down to visit me and have a jolly good time in the capital. In just two days, we…

  • Style

    Made for Life

    Smartphones and even smarter accessories. About 7 years ago, I bought my first ever smartphone – the iPhone 4. *feels extremely nostalgic and old* The minute I opened that box, my…

  • Style

    Festive Gift Giver

    On a mittened-hand with stocking fillers. Without a doubt, Christmas is my favourite holiday of the year. Once Black Friday sales are over, I can’t help it but get all super…

  • Grooming Style

    The Man Tan

    … or otherwise known as, an ode to my complicated relationship with tanning. I’m going to be brutally honest here… I’m not a fan of tanning. There, I said it! *mic…

  • Life Style Tech

    Smart About Time

    For any young professional, productivity and time management can be a tough thing to tackle. With latest innovations and advancements in tech, our minds are being constantly bombarded with information. So, it…