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Next Notebook. Next Menswear. This week's best dressed instagrammers. Blog by Skirmantas Petraitis.“Casual Doesn’t Mean Boring.”

Last week, Next Menswear featured one of my looks in their 2nd edition of weekly best-dressed Instagrammers. This time around, they were mixing things up by giving us some casual street style inspirations.

This marks the beginning of my on going partnership with Next Menswear, which I cannot wait to showcase you very soon! *prances around the room like nobody’s watching*

Several weeks ago, Next launched the “Suit Camp” campaign where they featured 6 male influencers with their 6 ultimately tailored looks. My favourite one is The Game Changer because I like to keep things classy yet casual. *wink wink*

Next Notebook wrote:

The concept of dressing casually can often bring up all sorts of connotations of boring, lazy, dull. But if @skirmy proves anything, it’s that the opposite is actually true. Dressing casually should actually give you a lot more creative license than dressing for a formal occasion because your personality can properly shine through when it comes to what you wear. So take heed and use this weekend to add flair to what you wear, all with a good dose of individuality and creativity.

My fellow male blogger friends, @cullenjamie and @iansangala, are also featured in this post. Therefore, make sure you check the full post here.