Coffee Confessions

Coffee Confessions at Craft Coffee Roasters in Dublin, Ireland.Coffee Confessions at Craft Coffee Roasters in Dublin, Ireland.

Some of you might already know this, but for those who don’t I have a confession to make… *takes a deep breath and sips on an extra-shot latte with soya* I’m a coffee addict.

I don’t know about you but coffee shop is where I’m the most productive and inspired. From Notes to Associations, coffee helps me (in Kylie Jenner’s voice) to realise things and really put things in the right order.

At one point, I was so obsessed about coffee that I have made a 10-minute documentary called “Coffee Jugglers (2013)”. You can watch it below. Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

Coffee aside, I’ve now entered my late-20s era and when I look back there are a few things that I would tell to my early-20s self.

Here are 26 things that I’ve learned in my early-20s that I wish I knew earlier:

  1. Gratitude is the key to happiness.
  2. Live in the moment.
  3. Surround yourself with people who inspire you.
  4. Don’t compare yourself to others.
  5. Everyone is just as confused as you are.
  6. The people who you think have their shit together are usually the most messed up.
  7. You don’t have to have your life sorted by 26.
  8. Be kind to other people.
  9. The high number of selfies you take does not make you vain or insecure, you’re simply a perfectionist.
  10. Accept criticism but don’t let it devalue your hard work.
  11. If you are feeling down, don’t keep this to yourself, talk to someone. Chances are that they have felt the same way.
  12. “Liking” or “commenting” on Instagram will never replace a compliment delivered in person.
  13. Not everything needs to be shared on social media, and that includes Snapchat.
  14. Go offline for at least 2 hours every day.
  15. FOMO fades away after a while and you will realise that there’s nothing to miss out on.
  16. The best friendships start when you are brave enough to say “Hello. How are you? What’s your name? Where are you from? And what is your National Insurance Number?”.
  17. It’s best to leave some things to the imagination.
  18. Happy couples aren’t always happy.
  19. You will never find love when you’re desperately looking for it. Love comes when you least expect it.
  20. The guys you party with don’t necessarily have the best interest in you.
  21. You might make new friends over time but the best ones are those who have been there for you this whole time.
  22. Sundays are way more fun when you’re not hangover or tired.
  23. There’s more to you than your sexuality.
  24. If you can’t find any role models – try to become one.
  25. Make a plan of where you want to be in 10 years time.
  26. It’s never too late to start something.

Coffee Confessions at Craft Coffee Roasters in Dublin, Ireland.Coffee Confessions at Craft Coffee Roasters in Dublin, Ireland.VISIT: Craft Coffee Roasters in Dublin, Ireland.